As Halloween comes to an end, the mood for Christmas increases rapidly.

Now that December has arrived and the holiday season mood is even higher, many of you may have started looking for gifts in earnest.

Not only do we want to give gifts to our partners and families during the Christmas and New Year holidays, but we also want to give gifts to ourselves as the finale of the year.

This time, we feature not only the collection line “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO” but also “instru(men-tal). “,General Scale,” “MY Foot Products,” and “MYne,”  a street mode line that inherits the Mihara gene.






 For your partner.








【MMY】Invisible 3 Wallet Mini







【MMY】Invisible Key Case







【MMY】Invisible Long Zip Wallet







【MMY】”WAYNE” Original Distressed Effect Sole Leather Low-top Sneaker







【General Scale】PAST Sole 6 – Hole Low-top Sneaker









【MMY】Wide Back Boa Blouson -men’s-







【MMY】Wide Back Military Liner Blouson -women’s-







【MYne】Type Beans Bracelet







For your family and friends .






【in・stru(men-tal).】Knit Cap







【MYne】Short Beanie








【in・stru(men-tal).】Knit Pullover








【in・stru(men-tal).】Heavy Weight Long Sleeve T-shirt








【MMY】BALL & CHAIN Project Collaboration Eco Bag 2nd Edition







【MY Foot Products】 Mug Cup







【MY Foot Products】 Socks










For yourself.






【MMY】Deconstructed MA-1 Coat -men’s-







【MMY】Reversible MA-1  Blouson -men’s-







【MMY】”HANK” Original Sole Chenille Embroidery Low-top Sneaker 







【MMY】Combined Wool Coat -women’s-







【MMY】Leather Shirt -women’s-








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