The “Original Sole Sneaker” uses the brand’s original sole, which is molded out of clay by the designer himself, Mihara.

The new collection will go on sale sequentially from 27th November 2021.

The first item in the 2022 Spring/Summer collection is a series of sneakers with chenille embroidery on the upper.


Unlike standard canvas, this pair is characterized by the unique expression that comes out of the three-dimensional fabric, only chenille can produce.


Two models, “BLAKEY” and “HANK,” will be released at the same time.





































“BLAKEY” Original STC Sole Chenille Embroidery Low-top Sneaker
































“HANK” Original Sole Chenille Embroidery Low-top Sneaker



The sneakers for the Spring/Summer 2022 collection will be released sequentially in the future.

With the addition of two new models, the collection will be available in a wide variety of styles.

Check our latest news on Instagram and the official website.














































In addition to the two chenille embroidered models, there are also stores that carry the “BAKER” model, so if you are interested, please contact the stores below.










MIHARA YASUHIRO Official Online Store


Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando hills

TEL : 03-5770-3291

Email :

Instagram :


Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Women’s

TEL : 03-3352-1111(group)

Instagram :


Maison (MY)Labo.

TEL : 092-753-8518

Email :

Instagram : @masion_my_labo


MY Foot Products

OPEN : Tuesday&Saturday only

TEL : 03-6712-5617





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