As the days become chilly, especially in the mornings and evenings, and the colors of the trees start to change, we can see people in Tokyo wearing light jackets.

It’s time for many of you to start looking for outerwear, isn’t it?

In this time, we introduce the outerwear for men and women that have just been released on the online store.





The MA-1 is an iconic item that has been continuously appearing at Maison Mihara Yasuhiro shows for the past few seasons.

The MA-1, a type of flight jacket, was originally made of leather, but the U.S. military invented a nylon version in the early 1950s for convenience, and it became a standard flight jacket in the 1980s.

Nowadays, it has become one of the most popular blouson staples, and there are various types of silhouettes and details, but you may not have found the one you are looking for.


From this season’s men’s collection, there are three types of MA-1 blousons full of originality, each with different design features.















Broken Layered MA-1


The upper part of the cotton blouson is damaged, and the nylon MA-1 inside peeks out from the boldly cut part.

The layered and damaged design makes this a unique and elaborate piece.

The body is combined at the back collar with a front zipper.

















Sleeve Docking MA-1 Blouson


A blouson with several MA-1 sleeves boldly combined to the body part.

It’s a playful design that makes you want to count how many sleeves are attached to the body.

You’ll have to try it on to find out how many sleeves you can actually pull through.

The color of the fabric on each sleeve is alternated to create a unique impression.

Fully lined and padded.
























Reversible MA-1 Blouson


Turn the MA-1 inside out and it becomes a quilted blouson.

This reversible blouson can be worn in two different ways, front and back.

You can choose which way you want to wear it depending on your mood that day.






When the weather gets really cold, a long coat is indispensable.

For those who are so inclined, a coat type is also available.


















Deconstructed MA-1 Coat


This coat is a deconstructed version of the MA-1.
The lower part is a MA-1 layered in parts, with the orange color of the lining visible and hidden.
The hem retains its original detail and comes with a zipper.

The length is not too long, so it will be suitable for cycling and activity scenes.

Other military combined design coats are also available.

















Single Draped M-51 Coat


















Military Combined Balmacaan Coat


This coat is a balmacaan coat combined with a half-length M-65.
The shoulders of both sleeves are positioned in front of the body, resulting in a front-shoulder silhouette when worn.













This season’s women’s collection includes MA-1 and boa blouson as well as quilted and woolen coats, and even trench coats, which are the standard for coats.

























Quilting Combined MA-1 Blouson


The women’s MA-1 gives a feminine impression that is different from the men’s MA-1.

The back of the MA-1 is split open to reveal the quilted liner inside.

The back of the MA-1 is ripped wide open, which is unimaginable from the front design, making it a unique item.

The front shoulder silhouette creates a unique look.
















Wide Back Military Liner Blouson


A blouson with an M-51 liner motif, designed to have more volume in the back of the body and the shoulders in the front.
While the sleeve is designed to have volume, the compact length makes this item easy to style.

















Quilting Combined Coat


A wool shaggy chester coat is hollowed out and combined with a quilted liner.
This half-coat length, lightweight outerwear is easy to handle.

















Combined Wool Coat


At first glance, it’s hard to tell, but this is a combined design of a shirt-type wool shaggy coat and a wool coat.
Although the colors are the same, each part is made of a different wool fabric.
Lined. Front shoulder silhouette.






















Trench Combined Coat


This is a combined design of a bonding fabric coat and a trench coat.
The unique silhouette looks as if a trench coat is draped over the shoulders.

The checkered lining is a key feature that shows when you move.












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