“To be honest, it would be foolish to simply open a Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Fukuoka store.

So I decided to create “Maison (MY) Labo.” as a new space for experimental efforts.

I use the word “experimental” because it sounds good, but it’s a lazy concept.

It is such a random and irresponsible space.

Of course, for apparel, we have “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO”, “General Scale”, “in-stru(men-tal).

We also plan to have lifestyle products and collaborations with local producers that can only be found in this store.

Occasionally, I will hold an art exhibition.

I’m embarrassed to say this, but please keep a warm eye on “Maison (MY)Labo.”.



Mihara Yasuhiro





On Friday, 17 September the concept store “Maison (MY) Labo.” will open in Fukuoka, the hometown of designer Mihara.

The interior of the store is a special Pass the Baton space, with fixtures and walls reused from the “Pass the Baton” select recycling store by Smiles Co.,Ltd.






To commemorate the opening, a limited number of gift, drawstring tote bags will be given to customers who make purchases at the store.



In addition, the first art exhibition, “Atsushi Tanno Exhibition / Chaos CHANNEL”, will be held , featuring cycling photos taken while moving and landscape taken by photographer Atsushi Tanno.



【 Atsushi Tanno 】


Born in 1974 in Fukuoka, Japan, he started his music career in his mid-teens after being shocked by punk rock music. His first encounter with a road bike in 2000 led him to a compact camera that he used to record the scenery he saw while riding, and he became fascinated with the world of photography. He has been active in portraits, magazines, and catalogs, focusing on cycling photos and landscapes of moving riding scenes taken while moving himself. He has also published collages using images he has taken.








【 Maison (MY)Labo. 】



Opening hours:12:00-20:00

Closed:Wednesday & Thursday

TEL : 092-753-8518

Email : maison_my_labo@sosu.co.jp

Instagram : @masion_my_labo

Address : Tokyu Doeruarusu Akasaka 1-B, 2-3-6, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka, 810-0042,Japan






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