We are now approaching the end of August after the Obon vacation.

The lingering summer heat continues, but it’s time to start feeling the end of summer.

This time, we’d like to pick up the “Shrunk Denim” series from the 2021-22 Autumn-Winter  collection !

“Shrunk Denim” is the brand’s original denim fabric that has been shrunk by a special process.

It is far more stretchy than normal stretch denim, and has excellent functionality in terms of ease of wear and movement.

In addition to the jacket type denim, there are also T-shirts, hoodies, and other unusual and noteworthy denim items that are rarely seen.

















Shrunk Denim Half Sleeve T-shirt


A basic crew-neck T-shirt with a relaxed silhouette.

You can enjoy it by wearing a thin shirt underneath for a layered look.


















Shrunk Denim Long Sleeve T-shirt


A basic crew neck long sleeve t-shirt with a relaxed silhouette.

Like the half-sleeve type, you can wear it as a layered style with a thin shirt underneath, or layer it on top.
















Shrunk Denim Hoodie


This hoodie has a relaxed silhouette.

It is stretchy and comfortable to wear due to the kickback of the fabric.














Shrunk Denim Blouson


By shrinking the fabric, the lapels and hem of this jacket have a unique look.

It has a stretchy finish that allows for easy movement.





















Shrunk Denim T-Shirt


A loose-fitting T-shirt with a distinctive neck detail.















Shrunk Denim Pullover


A turtleneck type pullover.

The sleeves and hem of the body are cut off to create a more modest look.















Shrunk Denim Blouson


By shrinking the fabric, the lapels and hem of this jacket have a unique look.

This jacket has a compact size, but is easy to move around in.

















The originally developed denim series is basic and easy to incorporate into your styling, so why not give it a try?








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