Basic antinomy is “When we think rationally according to modern global thinking, we always result in a paradox. This is because it’s beyond the possible experience of the limits of one’s own reason.”
Mihara raises a question.


It refers to the contradiction between two beliefs (thesis and antithesis).

The society we live in today is filled with contradiction and paradox.

Questions that need to be answered continue to increase.

But we have come to understand that we need to take it as a part of the law of nature.

I will not target the harmony.

There is the beauty in this act.

Discordant beauty.

I, a proud creator, will continue to manifest something that no one has yet discovered.
Fashion is, after all, only a fleeting dream.



The designer Yasuhiro Mihara describes the Autumn/Winter 2021-22 collection, titled “Basic Antinomie”.

The collection will finally go on sale on 19th June.


This collection features items with an oversized silhouette that has never been seen before, with volume on the back.

It focuses on the use of tears in denim and military processing, and adds the essence of the season’s theme “Basic Antinomie” by layering two different items and tearing only the surface to reveal another item from the inside.























Items such as cut-and-sewn garments are also subjected to detailed vintage processing, and the brand’s signature reconstructed designs are also appeared.


The original denim, which shrinks by passing it through warm water at a certain temperature, is used to make blousons, T-shirts, turtlenecks, and other items that would not normally be made of denim.





























The items that will go on sale on 19th June are cut-and-sewn, sweatshirt, denim, and other items that you can start wearing now.


Here are some of the items for both men and women.



















ANTINOMIE Printed T-shirt





































Mmy Printed Pullover












Hem Layered Pants













Care Label Jacquard Shirt












Denim x Chino Combined Pants













Over Saruel Chino Pants




















2 Way Layer Shirt













Combined T-shirt













Double Neck T-shirt












Combined Denim Pants













Waist Tuck Hoodie













See Through Wool Jacket













See Through Wool 2 Way Dress





Visit  the full look here and Women’s look here.



The new collection is scheduled to be released sequentially for both wear and shoes.


Please contact our stores for more information.






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