The spring cherry blossom season has arrived, and the clothes we wear have become much lighter.

This time, we have picked up the “RESIZE” design items from the 2021 Spring/Summer Women’s Collection.

We introduce them with style suggestions.


Resize design is a design technique that has been updated in the past few seasons, and it highlights women’s unique silhouettes around the waist and shoulders.
















This shirt is a big size shirt tucked and resized.

By resizing the shirt from the shoulders, the sleeves come out a little in the front, creating a unique silhouette.







The front of the dress is also boldly tucked from the top, creating an overlapping hem design.







Resize Shirt




Denim is the best bottom to wear with shirts.













These denim pants have a catchy design that looks like another pair of torn pants layered on top of the pants.

The silhouette, while wide, keeps a high waist and can be styled up.

When you walk, the movement of the hem of the left leg, which looks like two overlapping pieces, gives it an eye-catching looks.





Layer Cut Off Denim Pants












This is a shirt dress with tucks around the front and back waists.

Although it is different from the so-called “resizing technique,” the large tucks create a feminine silhouette with a lot of body.







The pleated skirt is docked at the waist.

The waist belt of the pleated skirt can be tied in the back or hung in the front.









Pleats Skirt Docking Shirt Dress






Denim is a good choice to go with a long length shirt, but if you want a more relaxed look, go for pants made of a material that is flattering and has a comfortable fall.













These pants are finished with a unique texture through a special spraying process.




Over Sprayed Pants









Cotton knitwear is a must-have for spring and summer.

The advantage of cotton knitwear is smooth and breathable even though it is knit, unlike  winter materials such as wool or cashmere.

Of course, it can be used in the fall and winter as well, so it is actually an excellent item that can be worn all year round.











This item has been resized so that the shoulders and front are pinched.

Like the shirt, the sleeves are designed to come forward a little, and the side silhouette is unique.










Resize Cardigan





What we need with the cardigan is a long skirt that will make you look even more feminine.

The shirt material of this light skirt makes it easy to wear even though it is long, and the docking design gives it a bit of an edge.













Shirt Docking Skirt





And after all, fashion starts with your feet.

This is a notable item from the women’s collection that is not in the men’s collection.

Don’t forget to wear these sandals with a billiard ball as a heel to show off your stylishness from the hem of your pants or skirt !



Neoplane Sandal






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