Yasuhiro Mihara, a designer, has proposed a new line called “in・stru(men-tal).”.

It will finally go on sale from Saturday 20th March at the official online store and Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO stores.


The name of the brand, “instrumental,” is an English word that refers to a song played only with musical instruments, without any human voice, or in other words, a song played only with musical instruments without singing.


If the collection line 『Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』 is a song with lyrics, 『in・stru(men-tal). 』

is a song without lyrics.

The newly launched line is a stress-free capsule collection that strips away design and pursues fabrics, silhouettes, and comfort.

The first collection will feature seven models in five colors.


















T-Shirts and Long Sleeves T-Shirts are made using a densely packed knitting method, which gives the fabric a bouncy texture.






The shirt is made of high quality Supima cotton, which is light and comfortable to wear, but has a distinctive volume at the back.










The hoodie is made of a thick fleece lining that provides moderate warmth and high water absorbency, yet is not stuffy. It has an oversized silhouette and long sleeves.










The pants are made of high-twist, dry-touch cotton that does not easily lose its shape, and the waist is adjustable for a non-stress pant.










Of the five colors (white, black, navy, brown, and green), three colors (navy, brown, and green) are dyed after the product is finished, which enables a unique color expression.

In addition, the seams on the sides of the pants and the shoulders of the tops have been made seamless to maximize the comfort of the garment.






















In addition to the clothes introduced here, caps and knit caps will also be released.


Visit our stores and check out the new world view that Yasuhiro Mihara is proposing, which is different from the collection line.



To check out all the looks, click here.

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For more information on the products, please visit the stores below.







MIHARA YASUHIRO Official Online Store



Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando hills

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Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Men’s

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