It’s March, spring is in full swing and it’s time to start wearing those spring clothes you bought earlier.

In this edition of our Spring/Summer 2021 Men’s Collection, we would like to introduce you to the “LAYERED” design.

It is a technique that has been applied to a variety of items over the past few seasons, and has become an iconic feature of the brand.


This season’s new collection includes shirts, hoodies and denim blousons.







This shirt is made up of three shirts.

A plain shirt, a zipped shirt and a striped shirt, all in different colours and patterns, to create a unique atmosphere.









The message “This is Tomorrow” is on the back.







Triple Layered Shirt








This is a check-on-check pattern shirt with a long shirt overlaid with a damaged shirt that looks as if it has been torn to pieces.

The shirt on top is boldly cut from the left chest and the sleeves are designed differently on each side.






The left sleeve has a torn cuff detail.









Broken Layer Long Shirt










The patterned shirt is also available in a half sleeve version.

Unlike the long-sleeved version, this shirt has a checkered design overlaid on a striped shirt.











This eye-catching shirt has a layered design emphasised by the different patterns.











Broken Layer Half Sleeve Shirt










This denim blouson has a layered design around the collar and sleeves, giving it the look of a blouson with two sleeves.










Damaged finish throughout.







Broken Denim Layer Blouson










At first glance, this hoodie looks as if the sleeves have switched colours, but it’s really a layered design.

The half-sleeved sweatshirt is layered over the long sleeves of the shirt.






This hoodie has a pop look with the string as a measure and the message printed on it.

The back also features a bold print with the brand name.










Shirt Sleeve Layered Parka






The new spring/summer collection is in stock and available in the following stores.





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