As we approach the end of February, the cold winter weather has given way to warmer days that feel more like spring.

At the end of the season, we often look at our wardrobes, preparing our clothes for the next season and wonder what we wore last year.

What did I wear last year?


It’s finally time to start wearing spring clothes, but many of us are still struggling with how to wear new ones.

If you’re looking to make the most of your new clothes, you’ll want to enjoy fashion with a fresh mind.


In this article, we’ll show you some of the items from the “More or Less” collection for Spring/Summer 2021, along with some styling tips.








A docked hoodie with pleats for a feminine look.

The docked pleats give the hoodie a feminine look, whereas a normal hoodie tends to be more menswear-like.

The pleats are not simply docked, they are docked with a pleated skirt.

The opening at the waist has been retained to create a unique silhouette.

You can wear it with denim because it’s a white top, but you can also wear it with white bottoms for a more modest look.















Pleats Docking Hoodie

















Over Sprayed Pants














It can also be worn as a jacket and pants style with the work shirt jacket in the same material.

The shirt jacket is belted and can be cinched at the high waist to create a point of reference and balance the volume.

A bright green cotton knit can be added to accentuate the look, and the light, flowy material makes it easy to put on and take off, and can be wrapped around the waist.

A different colour, black, gives a cooler look.





A knitwear item that looks basic but has an elaborate design.

The sleeves can be turned into short sleeves by pulling your arms out from the middle of the sleeves.

The point is that even though it is short sleeved, it looks like long sleeves from the front and the sleeves are designed to be pulled out from the back.












Over Sprayed Shirt

















Back Ribbon Pullover






Of course, spring coloured items are a must.

This cardigan in pale green, a rare colour for the brand, is a must-have.

It has shoulder pads for a cool look.

The short length makes it perfect to wear with a high waist dress.















Shoulder Pad Cardigan










And the item that you can’t miss, spring coat.

A long coat made of light material such as cotton is a must-have.

The new coats are sprayed in the final process of applying the colour, which gives them a unique finish.

It’s an easy item to wear, even if you don’t like the idea of wearing white.

The front part of the coat, which overlaps when closed, and the pockets are not sprayed, leaving the base colour intact.





You can make the coat the star of the show and use basic knitwear for the inner.







The different black colour gives a slightly different look.













Over Sprayed Engineer Coat














Over Knit Pullover







If you’re looking for something a bit more catchy, this is the knit for you.

“In addition to words like “MMY”, “TALKING” and “HOPES”, this season’s diverse message “NEVER BEND YOUR HEAD. ALWAYS HOLD IT HIGH. ALWAYS HOLD IT HIGH.

Unlike winter knitwear, this item is light and comfortable to wear.

We recommend pairing it with a pair of trousers that are not too thick for a sleek look.
















Jacquard Knit Pullover

















Shark Light Wool Cotton Pants




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