The new sneaker from the 2021 Spring/Summer collection will be on sale from  Saturday 13 February, featuring the bandana pattern newly introduced this season in the “BAKER” model.

It will be available only at Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO’s official online store, shops in Japan and My Foot Products, a store specializing in foot wear.


The sneakers have already been released in a different model with the same pattern, but this one is exclusive and only available in a limited number of stores.



The black colour of the bandana pattern is chic and modest, which makes it perfect for a grown-up look.

These sneakers have a playful patterned accent, but they don’t look childish.















”BAKER” Original Sole Bandana Low-top Sneaker





Can’t wait for it to go on sale ? We have good news for you!

From today, Wednesday 10th February to Tuesday 16th February, Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Store is holding an event to introduce the new spring/summer 2021 collection.

The sneakers introduced here are available for pre-sale from today, Wednesday 10th February!


In addition, Isetan Men’s Store has a wide variety of colours including orange and green, which are not available on the official online store.







Don’t miss out this perfect opportunity to get the one!

The sneakers will be available at Isetan men’s store and the following stores.








MIHARA YASUHIRO Official Online Store


Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando hills

TEL : 03-5770-3291

Email :




TEL : 06-6563-9807

Email :



MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Men’s

TEL : 03-3352-1111(group)

Instagram :


MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Women’s

TEL : 03-3352-1111(group)

Instagram :


MY Foot Products store

Open : Tuesday & Saturday

TEL : 03-6712-5617


Instagram :






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