The brand 『MYne』 was born in November 2015, inheriting the aesthetics of 『MIHARA YASUHIRO』.

From 2019, the brand has welcomed Koji Kamiya as its director, and while retaining the taste of the brand’s inaugural season, which focused on street culture, the brand has set a new theme for each season and releases a collection twice a year.


In November 2019, the brand opened a shop in Shibuya Parco under the name “MYne CODEX”.

The name “MYne CODEX” is a combination of the brand name “MYne” and the word “CODEX”, which means “manuscript”, with the meaning of transcribing the collections, select brands, capsule collections, culture and people in the Shibuya area one page at a time.

To create a new culture, history and book.

It is a shop with this idea in mind.


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Different from『 MIHARA YASUHIRO』, 『MYne』 has a street mode world view, and its 2021 spring/summer collection will finally go on sale from Saturday 6 February.


The theme of the collection is “GROOVY WAY”.


Focusing on the funk music culture of the 1970’s and 80’s, with artists such as “KOOL & THE GANG” as the inspiration for the style.








































































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