It’s December, the weather is getting colder and colder, and winter is finally here.

Christmas and New Year’s are unique to this holiday season, so we want to dress our best  for these events while taking precautions against  COVID-19.


It’s time to get fuzzy and warm with knitwear and fur.

Let us stay warm with them.

This time we would like to introduce to you all the winter items you will need before the holiday season arrives.





Waist Tuck Pullover



This pullover knit has a tucked waist that creates a feminine silhouette. The material is light and fluffy even though it is a knit, so you can wear it over and over again without feeling self-conscious, and you can also wear it to relax during dinner at home.













Waist Tuck Cardigan



A cardigan version of the Waist Pullover Type. Unbutton it, open it up, and you’ll see the buttons again. The layered design looks like a cardigan layered on top of another cardigan. The material is firmer than the pullover type, so it’s perfect for keeping out the cold.









Damaged Cable Pullover



Everyone’s favorite cable knit. This is an elaborately designed item with a damaged finish. Available in to match your winter mood and black for a mode vibe.











Damaged Cable Gown Cardigan



The gown version is long enough to cover your hips and can act like outerwear.

Even if you neglect your bottoms, you can still look stylish in a gown.















Mohair Double Pullover


The mohair knit pullover knit in two different colors with a bare shoulder design.

Even in cold weather, you want to show off your femininity.












Back Docking Reversible Fake Fur Blouson


The fake fur and quilted blouson is reversible. You can change the way you wear it by changing the front to fur or quilting. Yellow fur is the perfect color for the holiday season.












The items introduced here are now on sale at the offcial online store and other stores listed below, so be sure to check them out before the holiday season begins.




【 Stores 】


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MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Women’s

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