『Masion MIHARA YASUHIRO 』collaborates with『MADNESS』.


Shawn Yue, the director of 『MADNESS』, established his predecessor brand “COMMON SENSE(CMSS)” in 2010.

Shawn has built relationships with various brands and people in the fashion industry and started 『MADNESS』 in 2014 to spread his belief in “MADNESS BREEDS MADNESS”.

Focusing on evoking an instinctive sense of “madness” or “insane” that everyone has, the collection is designed to maintain consistency in minimalism and focus on details and materials.

The sneakers “BAKER MM07” that adopt the original sole, a specialty of “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO”, will appear in this first collaboration.


The sneakers will be on sale at Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO stores and official online store (domestic shipping only) from Saturday, October 31.



” BAKER MM07 “






The essence of the two brands comes together in this one-of-a-kind pair.


The upper which uses imitation suede and canvas, gives an edge to the contrast between the materials, and the texture is softened by applying a wash after sewing.


In addition, the original sole used this time, the point is that the sole is spray painted in the final process, and the wiped off to give it a vintage style with a three-dimensional feeling.



The design is unique to this collaboration, including a pis name of the upper and a paper tag of the tan, and the logo placed on the insole.











The collaboration will be followed by three rounds of footwear, so don’t miss out on upcoming releases.



【 Stores 】

MIHARA YASUHIRO Official Online Store (domestic shipping only)


Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando hills

TEL : 03-5770-3291

Email :





TEL : 06-6563-9807

Email :




MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Men’s

TEL : 03-3352-1111(group)

Instagram :


MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Women’s

TEL : 03-3352-1111(group)

Instagram :




FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2nd Collaboration




The collaboration 『FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』 first launched in July 2020.

The long awaited second collaboration will be released on Tuesday 13th October.


This collaboration will be available exclusively at Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando hills store and Osaka store in Japan, and FILA stores overseas.


The second collaboration is themed “Brand-New Classics”


“In the ever-changing times, street culture never stops evolving.

Young people are always looking for a new “evolution” to unleash their full potential.

It is like an athlete challenging his or her limits.

Even today in the midst of these ever-changing times, sports and street culture continue to build a close relationship.

It is the accumulation of each ‘new history’ that continues from the past to the present.”









This collaboration is the fusion of street and ivy style, and  “FILA” look with the colors of smoky tones as the main color theme.

The items are made using reconstructivist and street taste that Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO specializes in, and the elements of the “Ivy Look” that was popular in the 60’s.














Kint Zip Top








Kint Pants








Woven Pants






Polar Fleece











Knit Zip






Polar Fleece

















Down Jacket








Woven Jacket









High Socks







Bucket Hat




Small Cross Bag


Waist Bag





The collection builds on the last collaboration to create brand-new classics.

There is only limited stock for domestic sales so don’t miss it !



















【 Stores 】


Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando Hills Store

Tel : 03-5770-3291



Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Osaka Store

Tel : 06-6563-9807





My Foot Products Exclusive “Embroidery Brogue Sneaker”




The『My Foot Products』mystery concept shop featuring the original character “Mr. Unable to Tie His Shoelaces” will launch a new sneaker.

The new sneaker will be released at the My Foot Products shop and MIHARA YASUHIRO official online store on Saturday 3 October.


This new sneaker features an “Embroidery Brogue” .

“Brogue” is a decoration design technique that lines up small and big holes, and is usually seen on leather dress shoes.


This design was originally started in Scotland to dissipate damp air and muddy water from the shoe.

To prevent water from seeping into the shoe even when walking in the rain, the toes are covered with a double layer of leather, and small holes are made to allow water droplets to fall off easily, which prevents water from spreading to the surface of the leather and increases the breathability of the leather interior.

Conceived purely for waterproofing purposes, the design later made its way to England, where shoemakers began to drill holes in the design and established it as a decorative technique.


It is said that English gentlemen of the time carved their initials on medallions to compete for position.


This time, such a perforated decoration is boldly placed on canvas sneakers.



 Original Sole Embroidery Brogue Low Cut Sneaker





Original Sole Embroidery Brogue High Cut Sneaker




It’s kind of strange to think about the origin of the design, but it’s a unique sneaker that takes a design that was originally used for leather shoes.


They are monochromatic, not too assertive and not overly decorative.

These adult sneakers can be worn casually or a dress style with jackets.


It will only available at our store which is only open two days a week, and on the official online store.

If you’re interested, contact us as soon as possible to secure a pair !




【 Stores 】


My Foot Products

Open : Tuesdays & Saturdays

Opening hours : 12:00 – 20:00

TEL : 03-6712-5617

Email :

Address : 6-14-10 ASM Iwamatsu building 1F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0001 Japan


MIHARA YASUHIRO Official Online Store

Women’s Stylings for This Autumn





It is now the middle of September.

The season that you can start wearing light jacket and knit wear.


What is the style this Autumn ?

This time, two of our PR girls introduce this Autumn’s recommended stylings from 2020-21 Autumn/Winter collection.












It’s too soon to wear a coat just yet, so let’s go with an easy style parka.

Matching with the t-shirt I bought in Spring.


Suspender T-shirt







Back docking parka















Of course, we all want one trench coat in our wardrobe.

This resized technique with tuck design creates uniquely shilhouette design.

The design trench coat differentiate from basic trench coat.













This eye-catching cable knit and sweat docking item is the one for this Autumn, no doubt.

Colors are gentle with beige and gray.






Cable docking  pull over















Layer-like design tuck pull over knit goes with light vintage style long skirt.

Yes, we all love an all black-mode style.













You can style only wearing this cardigan because of its layered design.

Light brown creates warm feelings.

Styling with eye-catching, worn denim skirt.







Waist Tuck Cardigan







Layer denim skirt















There are still some hot days, so you can choose an Autumn colored t-shirt.

Beautiful pleats moves every time you walk and puts you in a better mood.






Pleats T-shirt





More items including dresses, knit cardigans and jackets from latest collection are available at our online store.



The items used for styling here are available not only at our online store but  MIHARA stores as well.

Visit our stores below to try them on.




【 Women’s Stores  】


Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando Hills Store

Tel : 03-5770-3291



Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Osaka Store

Tel : 06-6563-9807



MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Women’s Store

Tel : 03-3352-1111(Group)

Instagram :



UNIMATIC X Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2nd Collaboration




We are happy to announce the release of the long awaited second collaboration with『UNIMATIC』.



This collaboration watch will be available at our official online store and Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO stores from Saturday, 19 September.


『UNIMATIC』 is an Italian contemporary watch brand which was formed in 2015 by two designers who studied together at Politecnico di Milano.

These watchmakers blend together their passion for vintage and contemporary design.


Their goal is to offer unique edition watches that are able to combine excellence design, at a high-quality standard at a reasonable price.

All models are strictly produced in unique editions.

Once a series is sold it is never reissued.

Each of the Unimatic watches is a rare issued piece, highly requested by collectors on the market.


This time the “Modello Uno U1-MY2 Unimatic x Mihara Yasuhiro “comes in triple white, with a matching unique stonewashed CerakoteTM white case, white bezel insert, a white minimal dial, with Super-LumiNova® white C1 markers.

















The hand-processed stone washing every single watch is unique and is slightly different from other pieces due to the random torn patterns created during the process, giving it a distinctive worn feeling.



The caseback features 『UNIMATIC』’s classic conversion scale overlapped by Mihara Yasuhiro’s branding with a small inscription in Japanese (JDM Japanese domestic market) as an homage to the Land of the Rising Sun.










This limited edition comes on a white calf leather two piece strap and a white nylon two piece strap with a stonewashed CerakoteTM white buckle signed Unimatic.







Only 100 pieces will be available worldwide.

Don’t miss this exclusive collaboration with 『UNIMATIC』,a highly regarded watch brand, witch blends a passion for vintage and contemporary !
















【 Stores】



MIHARA YASUHIRO Official Online Store


Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando Hills Store

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Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Osaka Store

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MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Store

Tel : 03-3352-1111(Group)

Instagram :


MIHARA YASUHIRO Isetan Shinjuku Women’s Store

Tel : 03-3352-1111(Group)

Instagram :


“Broken” ~ Featuring Design Series from 2020-21AW Collection ~




September has just begun and it finally feels like Autumn has arrived.

This time we introduce “Broken” series from our 2020-21 Autumn/Winter collection.


The “Broken” design uses a fraying technique as you can see on these shirts, jackets and pants.

The items are not frayed for no reason.

It requires a lot of skill and attention to detail to make each individual item.

And, because this technique uses multiple layers you can enjoy a sophisticated fusion of different patterns, colors and fabrics.











Broken Layer Shirt















Broken Layer Denim Blouson








Broken MA-1













Layer Docking Denim Pants











Layer Denim Skirt




















『 We live in a distorted daily life and I am struggling with this distortion.  It’s not “normal”, in a way its abnormal. 』




Wear these broken garments and perhaps you can hear the words of the designer YASUHIRO MIHARA ?



“MYne X WIND AND SEA” Collaboration


Long awaited collaboration, 『MYne』X『WIND AND SEA』!

3 collaboration items will be released from Saturday, August 29 at each brand’s stores and official online stores.

『WIND AND SEA』was started in 2018 by creative director of this brand, Takashi Kumagai who is also widely known as a stylist and photographer.

“I create what I want purely” as the concept, Takashi Kumagai creates street style items that reflect the reactions of loyal customers and the market.

The brand now has a lot of attention among fashion lovers.

In this collaboration, the design of “SEA”, which is also the signature of “WIND AND SEA”, is displayed with a spray-like graphic that expresses the identity of “MYne” as a street brand.















The spray logos are airbrushed one by one and have a finish that feels like graffiti artists having just sprayed graffiti on a street corner.

『WIND AND SEA』’s basic body type is used for the t-shirt and long-sleeve t-shirt, and both sleeves have the logo designs.













  Logo T-shirt












Log Long Sleeve T-shirt





The open shirt uses shiny satin fabric which creates a silhouette fits your skin comfortably.

















Half Sleeve Shirt





 Don’t miss this exclusive collaboration !







【 Stores 】





【 Contact 】


TEL : 070-6660-0692


Visit Omotesando Hills Store in Tokyo ~ Let us introduce our store ~




We are all getting used to a new life style under COVID-19, taking precautionary measures and practicing social distancing when we spend time outside and shopping.

Of course, who doesn’t want to take a walk and go shopping when the sun is shining, even while the end of August heat continues? 

So for the first time, we would like to introduce to you our store in Tokyo!

Let us introduce our flagship『Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』Omotesando Hills store.








The store opened on 18 March 2016.

The inspiration for the interior comes from designer Mihara Yasuhiro’s memory of ateliers in the small towns of Italy and Germany he visited in years gone by.

The cashier space is inspired by a small store in Burlington Arcade in London.





There is also an atelier inside the store that handles made-to-order shoes and shoe repair.

This is a special store that provides shoe-making lessons held by our “shoe master” who has been supporting the brand since it was first launched, and also from the designer Mihara Yasuhiro himself.

It could be an unforgettable experience to have the chance to be taught by the designer Mihara Yasuhiro.

Lessons are currently not available due to COVID-19, but if you are interested, please contact the store.











At our flagship store, you can explore various lines such as our latest collection, iconic popular sneakers, “invisible” goods and even business shoes in a relaxing environment.









Oh! Is that Mr. Unable to Tie his Shoe Laces?




Visit our store to discover recently featured “mystery characters”.



Chic & Easy Summer Outfit to wear from latest men’s collection




Finally, summer has really hit in Japan.

Taking a walk under the blue sky, summer leisure activities, social distancing or working from home.

Here, this time we introduce “CHIC & EASY” summer outfits from our latest men’s collection.

A Summer must have item ー t-shirts.

Over sized t-shirts for good air-flow in Summer.

Wittily designed t-shirts with embroidered suspenders, or chain necklace, you can make this chic and stylish outfit your main outfit for Summer.




Suspender T-shirt







Wappen T-shirt






Necklace T-shirt




Would you choose slim pants with a block color pattern or a wide docking pants style to go with your t-shirt?









Border track pants












T-shirt docking pants





What if you feel like something other than a t-shirt and pants style combination?

You can try overalls which our designer Mihara loves to wear!









Left docking overall pants





Special Summer.

Let’s enjoy this Special Summer with “CHIC & EASY” style!

“Invisible Necklace Pouch” Omotesando Hills Store Exclusive



We will release the “Necklace Pouch” from our “Invisible” series, which is crafted using『MIHARA YASUHIRO』’s special technique.

From Saturday, 8th August, it will be available exclusively at the Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando Hills Store and the official online store.

We introduced『 MIHARA YASUHIRO』’s special “invisible” technique here once before.

The process requires delicate work by a sophisticated craftsman to make small parts such as a belt buckle appear “invisible” by inserting the part inside the leather.

Through this process, the shape of the part inserted, in this case the buckle, becomes embossed on the surface of the leather item.

When the buckle inside of the leather appears after using it over many years, it will become your one and only original item, almost like an antique.

As the name suggests, this new release item has necklace strap comes with two pouches.




Necklace Pouch





Both large and small pouches are removable from the strap making it a convenient item that can be transformed into a wallet, key case, or card case.


 Don’t miss this special item only available in limited numbers !



【 Store Information 】

Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando Hills Store

TEL : 03-5770-3291

Email :



My Foot Products To launch Eco Bag in collaboration with BALL&CHAIN



『My Foot Products』 mystery concept store, which focuses on shoes, featurs the original character “Mr. Unable To Tie His Shoelaces” collaborates with 『BALL&CHAIN』.


For 『BALL&CHAIN』’s first collaboration project,  we will release a “Shopping Bag” at MIHARA YASUHIRO online store and 『My Foot Products 』store on Saturday 1st August.




What is 『BALL&CHAIN 』?

It is a new brand launched by HIDEAKI MIHARA, YASUHIRO MIHARA ‘s older brother, designer of 『Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』 .

With the widespread use of social media, it has become important for people to be able to connect with each other through this medium. This new brand started with thoughts about “the power that comes from connecting individuals” and how this can be shifted to tangible goods.

Fashion designers, artists, and illustrators active in various fields will participate in this project.

The project participants want to pass the baton to the next participants, connect their feelings like a ball chain, and spread the joy of fashion.



Shopping bag will be available in 1 design and 4 colors to choose from.

The shopping bag is made of a thick polyester material and is waterproof and durable.

You can roll it up into a portable compact size, that is convenient to carry, and it even becomes shoulder bag by using strap.























Price : ¥5,000+TAX


Size : H 56 W30

Fabric : Polyester

Accessories : rubber, strap



Have you got your eco bag yet ?

From everyday grocery shopping to daily fashion bag, it can be your stylish eco bag !






Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO WOMEN’S 2020-21 Autumn/Winter Collection


The “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO WOMEN’S 2020-21 Autumn/Winter Collection” is available from today, 23rd July.


Continuing on from the pre collection released last May, the main items in this collection include knit and outer items for the winter season.


Create a feminine style with the beautiful colors and silhouettes of our oversized down blouson and fur jacket.








As with the men’s collection, this collection includes uneven pants that incorporate a reconstructivist theme, and oversized shirts, jackets, dresses that have been resized to create uniquely silhouetted items.








Knit wear which is indispensable for Autumn and Winter.  We offer a wide variety of products such as the light and relaxing mohair knit and the unique round silhouette cable knit.








From today, these items will be on sale at our stores and online.  Please contact us about any items that tickle your fancy.



Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO WOMENS Isetan Shinjuku Pop-Up Store




『Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』2020-21Autumn/Winter shoes collection Pop-up Store will be held at Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO WOMENS Isetan Shinjuku Isetan Shinjuku 2F=TOKYO Closet.

This pop-up store is only available for 1 week from Wednesday 22 to Tuesday 28 July.

For this limited pop-up store, we are rolling out a new collection of the very popular “Original Sole Sneakers” and the soles for this item are hand shaped by the designer himself.


A variety of original sole sneakers, including original Holstein print, an over dyed series that has been spray-painted at the end of the manufacturing process, and even popular standard items that are hard to come by will be released.








Original Sole Canvas Low Cut Sneaker













Original Sole Over Dyed Low Cut Sneaker










Original Sole Dip Low Cut Sneaker






Original Sole Printed Low Cut Sneaker



This exclusive pop-up store will feature not only sneakers but also pre-sale items for upcoming collections.

Visit our exclusive pop-up store to find the one !



【Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO WOMENS Isetan Shinjuku Pop-up Store】

Place:Isetan Shinjuku 2F=TOKYO Closet

TEL:03-3352-1111 (Group)




“MYne x Dickies” 2nd Collaboration


『MYne』will release a new item for its 2nd collaboration with『Dickies』.

It will be available at the MYne store and MIHARA YASUHIRO official online store on 17 July 2020.







In this collaboration, the design is based on “double wide pants” which hip-hop rappers wore in the 90s.


These bondage style pants have a wide silhouette design, made with Dickies’s firm fabric, and employ Zippers on the front and back to create an edgy design.


These exclusive pants will be available in 6 colors including store limited BROWN and online limited KHAKI/NAVY.






















【 Crazy zip wide pants 】


Colors : BLACK, BEIGE, BLACK/WHITE, BROWN/BLUE, BROWN (Store limited), KHAKI/NAVY (Online limited)



Check out our campaign images below featuring the model Tani Maria.




















【 Store / Inquiry 】


TEL : 070-6660-0692

Business hours : 11:00-20:00  ※For the time being



【 Online Store 】







We invite you to our Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2021 Spring/Summer online runway show on 11 July 2020 at 14pm (Paris time).

You will be able to watch it on our official YouTube channel and ‘Paris fashion week digital platform’.


In this challenging time due to the COVID-19 situation, for the first time we will present our new collection online.


Please go to the link below to watch the show.


Maison MIHAR YASUHIRO YouTube Channel


Paris Fashion Week Official


For all the fashionistas in the world.

Please enjoy our show.



FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Collaborations #Empowered by elegance#





We are happy to announce that  『FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』, brandnew collaborations with Italian high fashion sportswear brand 『FILA 』will be launched on 10th July.

It will be released at Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO flagship stores in Japan and FILA stores in China,Hong Kong,Macau and Singapore.


The 100 year classic sports brand 『FILA』.

The worldwide well known tennis sportswear brand changed the stereotyped impression of tennis sportswear by presenting the stripe and grid elements with the classic white-red-blue color combination.

The design in this collaboration is based on traditional tennis grid and MIHARA’s design tone with the LOGO and checkered elements of FILA.





As for material, through continual use of FILA’s classic apparel technology, adoption of innovative sportswear fabric and consideration of comfort level and texture, the diversity and practical wearability of daily looks are ensured.









In addition to apparel, we will release the sneakers in this collaboration.

Choosing as the prototype of for transformation, a classic shoe style of FILA “T1”, and created a symbolic and unique LEGO sole, in which the granulation inspiration comes from the previous jogging and integrated training shoes.











『FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』 not only brings a brandnew collision between the classic and the future, but pay tribute to tennis legends and art fashion.

FILA and MIHARA hope to pay tribute to the legendary brand classic through these collaborations, jointly drive the fashion-orientation of sportswear and build the beauty of high sports fashion, and pass on to consumers a life attitude of confidence, bravery and ever-lasting zeal towards nice things.



Please contact our stores for the product details.


【 Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Omotesando Hills 】


Business Hours : 11:00-20:00  ※For the time being


【 Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Osaka 】

TEL : +81-(0)6-6563-9807

Business Hours : 12:00-20:00  ※Wednesdays closed


“Holstein Print” featuring design from 2020-21 AW Collection



Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2020-21 Autumn/Winter collection is now available in the stores and online.

Here, We feature  items with our original eye-catching pattern “Holstein Print” !












By the way, do you know the meaning of “Holstein”?

The word “Holstein” doesn’t really sound familiar.

Actually, we also call it in a various ways in our office….pretty confusing.

Cow pattern, or “ushi” pattern (in Japanese) and Holstein print are one and the same.

Holstein are a breed of dairy cattle which are thought to originate from Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany.

Holstein cows are characterized by their black & white (sometimes brown) pattern. The black patterns appear to be on top of the white base color but it’s actually the opposite. The white pattern is on top of the black base color.

The Holstein cow is also called “the queen of the milk cow” and the milk from this breed of cow is said to be the best!

Well, that’s all for a little bit of unusual knowledge and here, we introduce the items.

In this collection, the adorable Holstein pattern comes in purple and beige colors, and by using a bold design, it has changed into a unique work full of humor.

Here, we introduce all of the Holstein items.












【Mens’s】Holstein Printed Shirt










【Men’s】Holstein Printed Pants











【Women’s】Holstein Print Docking Shirt









【Women’s】Holstein Print Tack Pants










【Women’s】Holstein Print Skirt




【Unisex】Original Sole Holstein Print Low Cut Sneaker


【Unisex】Original Sole Holstein Print Low Cut Sneaker


【Unisex】Original Sole Holstein Print High Cut Sneaker





Did you find your favorite Holstein item?

If you feel like it’s a bit too much, then we recommend choosing the shoes or bottoms which are surprisingly easy to incorporate into your style.

Mihara staff like to use Holstein pants and skirts in their style.

Some of the items introduced here are not available online so please contact our stores.


Let’s Holstein.


Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2020-21AW “Original Sole Sneaker Collection”

The “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO” original sole sneakers have been popular not only in Japan but also internationally from their release in Spring/Summer 2018.

As the name suggests, the sneakers use original soles created by our designer MIHARA modeled by hand using clay.

A long awaited, 2020-21 Autumn/Winter sneaker collection has released in the end of June.

This time, the collection features a lot of variety.

Various sneakers specialized in the colors and design details will be available.



Here you can see a lot of sneakers displayed in our show room.

It’s really exciting to think about which one to buy while looking at them !




We introduce the MUST BUY new sneakers here as there are so many of them to choose the one for you.



This is the one which stole everyone’s attention at the runway show in Paris earlier, Holstein Print.


Original Sole Canvas Holstein Printed Low Cut Sneaker




Original Sole Canvas Holstein Printed High Top Sneaker




There is no doubt that If you make styling with the same patterned wear, you would become classy fashion icon.





Popular among Mihara Staffs, New design sneaker.


Original Sole Canvas Low Cut Sneaker




Original Sole Cow Leather High Top Sneaker








From white and black colored canvas/leather basic to over dyed technique, there appear various fabrics and colors with the same design.





Original Sole Canvas Over Dye Low Cut Sneaker




Original Sole Canvas Over Dye High Top Sneaker






It came to sold out online just a day after its releasing, over dyed multi color sneaker.




Original Sole Over Dyed Low Cut Sneaker




Perhaps, it will be restocked in coming few weeks?

We also have the one releasing with same design but different color and shape.




Original Sole Canvas Over Dyed Low Cut Sneaker






It’s been only a week since our first release for the 2020-21 Autumn/Winter sneaker collection.

We did’t introduce all of it here so visit our online store and don’t miss the updates !

The all sneakers will be in stock by the end of July.


Did you know?

You can get “in stock / restock notification”by registering your email address.

Please visit the each product page for the details.


”Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2020-21AW MEN’S COLLECTION 『#Untitled』”   To Release on June 20




The “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2020-21 Autumn/Winter MEN’S COLLECTION” is now available online and in our Japan stores.


A paradox is inherent in creation.  In this case, when thinking about fashion, I ask myself what the essence of being a human really is – this is a great passion of mine.  We live in a distorted daily life and I am struggling with this distortion.  It’s not “normal”, in a way its abnormal.』



Under the theme “#Untitled”, the 2020-21AW Men’s collection uses a pattern that combines two items of clothing so that they meld together to become one.  The collection also includes MIHARA YASUHIRO’s deconstructionist ideas.







The items are made with MIHARA YASUHIRO’s original fabric such as shrunk material and eye-catching holstein pattern print.





While emphasizing warm colors such as beige and brown like autumn and winter colors, the collection also uses fascinating colors such as purple in various tones and black that has been bleached to orange.


Here, we introduce a part of the collection available online now which you can start wearing now for summer.


Holstein Printed Jacket





Holstein Printed Shirt




Holstein Printed Pants




Untitled Printed T-shirt




Foods Printed T-shirt



Necklace T-shirt





Broken Docking Denim Pants





Left Docking Denim Pants





Left Docking Shirt



Improve your mood with our new release collection!

“INVISIBLE Leather Goods” MIHARA YASUHIRO’s Iconic Technique

『MIHARA YASUHIRO』’s special “invisible” technique.

We have released various “invisible” items such as leather goods such as wallets and shoes.

Those items have been loved by a lot of our customers since the brand was first launched.





Father’s Day is coming soon!

It comes every year and of course, you never forget to express your gratitude, but question is … what gift will you give your Father this year?

Here, we introduce our beautiful “invisible” items for your Father’s Day gift ideas.

Invisible Long Wallet


Invisible Wallet


Invisible Card Case


Invisible Studs Long Wallet


Invisible Studs Wallet



By the way, do you know how these “invisible” items are made?

As the product name suggests, those items are made with the design something invisible.

The name of the technique in Japanese is “Aburidashi”. Some people may imagine it has something to do with the use of fire, however it refers to the technique used to make invisible ink that reveals what is written when heated.

The process requires delicate work by a sophisticated craftsman to make small parts such as a belt buckle appear “invisible” by inserting the part inside the leather.

Through this process, the shape of the part inserted, in this case the buckle, becomes embossed on the surface of the leather item.

There are two main approaches to tanning leather, either by a process known as “chrome tanning” or by “vegetable tanning”. We use the latter for our leather goods which is more time-consuming but produces a higher quality product.

The beauty of using vegetable tanning is that the more you use the product over time, the more you can enjoy the leather as it ages.

When the buckle inside of the leather appears after using it over many years, it will become your one and only original item, almost like an antique.





With the support of our shoe master who has been supporting us since the launch of the brand, we would like to show you a part of the manufacturing process for the shoelaces on one of our “invisible” leather shoes.





Unfortunately, this shoe is not available online, however there are a range of other dress shoes available.

Invisible Oxford



A gift-wrapping service is available until Father’s Day on 21 June 2020.

*Please send us a message using the ‘contact us’ link on our website if you would like your gift to be wrapped.